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CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference
Digital Orthodontics Symposium
Dental Technician International Meeting
Hands-On Courses

Fully Digitized Dental Treatment Planning for Aesthetic Cases

06 May 2018, 09:00 - 18:00
CAPP Training Institute, Dubai, UAE
Target Audience: Beginner Implantologists / Certified Implantologists Interested to upgrade to advanced treatment planning & guided surgery
7 CE Credits | HAAD 7.75 CME | DHA 5.5 CME

Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
Born in 1962 in the Netherlands. Graduated in dentistry in 1987 at the University of Utrecht, NL and emigrated to Italy in the same year. Operating in a private dental office at Calusco d’Adda(BG, Italy) since 1990 as a general practitioner. First approach to periodontal and implant surgery and implant supported prosthodontics in 1993, continuously updating professional knowledge and skills following lectures and attending courses.
Lectures and gives hands-on courses on implant related as well as periodontal plastic surgery subjects since 2007. A strong focus on digital treatment planning aided by all means of digital support systems as intra-oral scanning, cbct-scanning and implant planning softwares. Recently integrated in the clinical protocol calibrated smile design procedures for planning and patient communication. Prosthodontic finalizing of (implant) treatment is ever more shifting to CAD-CAM procedures that perfectly combine with and follow up into digital planning.
Member of the Dutch Society for Periodontology.
Author of clinical follow-up studies on tapered and narrow implants. Currently doing research regarding accuracy of different methods and components for intra-oral scanning.
Course Outline:
During this workshop a team of experts, led by Dr. Jakob Zwaan, will demonstrate how it is possible to convert traditional diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic protocols into a workflow that is digitized to the optimal level without compromising safety for the patient and quality and accuracy of the final result. Also will be highlighted how it is possible to integrate step by step new tools without abandoning completely the precious experiences built up during our professional careers.
Course Objectives:
Demonstrate delegates how data are collected and elaborated into a “multi-layer” digital environment for diagnosis, aesthetic analysis and treatment planning. Understanding of each aspect from the point of view of the prosthodontist, the orthodontist, the surgeon and the dental technician and how these specialist can interact. Show a completely open workflow so that each participant can decide for his own practice which digital tool to implement and what part of their traditional protocol to maintain. Highlight the importance of Smile Design and discuss how photo- and video imaging can be applied to optimize treatment as well as communication with the patient. Promote a rational discussion about guided surgery, choice of material and methods for prosthesis.
Topics Covered:
  • Step by step demonstration of digitized wax-up (STL)
  • Interface of STL with DICOM, implant planning software
  • Interface of libraries (prosthodontic components) with DICOM, implant planning software
  • How can be plan in advance for angulated screw access holes for screw retained bridges?
  • Design in CAD of a surgical template
  • Intraoral scanning modified provisional crown - STL
  • Innovative tools for intraoral scanning
  • Conclusions and expected developments for the near future. and Interactive discussion
Agenda 06 May 2018 / 09:00 - 18:00 / CAPP Training Institute, Dubai, UAE
09.00 - 10.30 Lecture:
  • patient intake, basic analysis of complexity
  • protocols for diagnosis: simple cases vs complex cases
  • patient expectations: functional and esthetic
  • risk assessment from esthetic point of view
  • smile design: simple/single cases vs complex/full front cases
  • proportions in smile design
  • wax-up: CAD vs traditional
  • 3D models for silicon index: 3Dprinting vs plaster/wax
  • mock up and motivational patient video
10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 – 12.30 Lecture:
  • how can we transform our mock up in a digital STL file?
  • when do we need to interface the digital mock up with DICOM data?
  • how can we interface STL with DICOM?
  • how does the technician design a surgical template after implant position planning?
  • what other digital tools can be imported in implant planning software?
  • how can an intraoral scanner be useful in planning and post-surgery phase?
  • innovative strategies for intraoral scanning
  • what materials should we choose for our prosthodontic devices?
  • case reports of esthetics cases : full smile on natural teeth/central incisor implant/complex hybrid case
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
13.30 – 18.00 Hands-on:
  • step by step demonstration of Smile Design (KeyNote, with details for PowerPoint users)
  • step by step demonstration of digitized wax-up (STL)
  • interface of STL with DICOM, implant planning software
  • interface of libraries (prosthodontic components) with DICOM, implant planning software
  • how can be plan in advance for angulated screw access holes for screw retained bridges?
  • design in CAD of a surgical template
  • intraoral scanning
  • innovative tools for intraoral scanning
  • Conclusions and expected developments for the near future. Interactive discussion