Self-Instruction Program

Accredited by HA-AD

Changes always come in our lives. In the era we live in, changes are a part of our daily routine.

Dental Tribune in collaboration with CAPP introduce to the market the new project mCME - Self Instruction Program.

mCME gives you the opportunity to have a quick and easy way to meet your continuing education needs.

mCME offers you the flexibility to work at your own place through the material from any location at any time. The content is international, drawn from the upper echelon of dental medicine, but also presents a regional outlook in terms of perspective and subject matter.

How can professionals enroll? They can either sign up for a one-year enrollment (10 exercises) by subscription for the magazine for one year 1,100 AED (US $299) or pay per article 250AED (US $68). After the payment, participants will receive their membership number and will be able to attend to the program.

How to earn CME credits? Once the reader attends the distance-learning program, he/she can earn credits in three easy steps:

  1. Read the articles.
  2. Take the exercises.
  3. Submit the answers by Fax or Email.

After submission of the answers, (name and membership number must be included for processing) they will receive the Certificate with unique ID Number within 48 to 72 hours.

Articles and Questionnaires will be available in the website after the publication.